Van's Amps


VanAmps, LLC has been building the Reverbamate Series reverb pedals since 2003.

We made a commitment to quality right from the start. After being an independent audio service technician for over 10 years, founder Tim Van Tassel made a disturbing observation, that most of the gear he was repairing was basically poorly engineered and constructed and was probably the main reason he had any business at all. He vowed that if he ever offered a product for sale to the music playing public the product would have to meet three critical objectives, it would have perform like no other product, look like no other product and last like no other product. After worldwide acclaim of our products, we believe those objectives have been reached.

VanAmps construction:

We at VanAmps know the value of a lasting product to the end user, that’s why we only use top grade components and hardware. We mount all potentiometers, jacks and circuit boards directly to the aluminum chassis with lock washers for worry free performance down the road. Stainless Steel and aluminum fasteners are used at critical points to prevent corrosion based grounding failures. Built like the old school electronics of the past to insure top performance far into the future.

The moisture resistant high quality glass epoxy printed circuit boards are bolted to the aluminum chassis with stainless steel fasteners and secured with lock washers. Finished beautifully on the outside with stainless steel finishing washers for classic good looks. We’ve done our work so you can concentrate on yours.

VanAmps is a proud member of NAMM