Van's Amps

Custom & Limited Edition

At VanAmps, we love custom.

Through your dealer, any combination of covering and knobs can be ordered along with options and stripe or end panel colors. Mix and match from our selection of 24 standard coverings. We have our Limited Edition Sole-Mates with special gold lettered Limited Edition control plates and VanAmps logo, which comes with the 9VDC output port option as standard equipment, engraved with the builder's name and date on the back and a certificate of authenticity. Only 50 will be issued in total. Call or email us to find out what coverings we are currently featuring. We also build our reverb into a standard one-space rack mount, with internal power supply and rear inputs and outputs, truly a pro piece of rack gear. For those who want to use the Sole-Mate or Sole-Mate Jr. in an effects loop, we offer an option that allows you to switch between a full wet signal or a mixed signal, depending on what type of effects loop your amp has, a series or parallel. Another option that is available with the Sole-Mate is the bypass loop for effects that you want out of your signal chain when not in use. We also offer different output combinations on the Sole-Mate, such as a mixed and a wet output, mixed and dry output, or even a triple output, wet, dry and mixed. We are always looking for inventive ways to further the flexibility of our products. We can take it as far as you want to go. Drop us an email with a feature you’d like to see and we’ll see if we can make it work for you. We love a challenge.

VanAmps Sole-Mate/Reverbamate options: