Van's Amps


The Original Reverbamate by VanAmps, the reverb that started it all! Designed old school, for use with vintage amps of the tweed, brown and blackface eras, or any amp with two separate channels. Many tube amps built in the 50’s and 60’s had multiple input channels for use with accordions, microphones and of course guitars. The Reverbamate takes full advantage of the available channels by offering two outputs, one dry and one wet so that the user can essentially “mix” these outputs at the amp. In this manner one can use the tone and volume controls on the amp to tweak the wet and dry signals independently, allowing for total control over your sound. What creative musician or studio engineer wouldn’t want this type of flexibility? Reverbamate is a solid-state analog spring reverb pedal that runs on two nine-volt batteries or supplied power supply. It uses a three-spring 9” MOD™ reverb tank, considered to be one of the most vintage sounding tanks available. The dry output is a hardwired connection from the guitar input, ensuring guitar tone integrity. Internal circuitry is impedance matched for balanced levels and no “rolled off highs”. The Reverbamate employs a bipolar fully regulated power supply for increased headroom and low noise operation.


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