Van's Amps

Sole-Mate Jr.

This is the first component reverb system of its kind. A dramatically scaled down version of the Sole-Mate with the same heralded sound of its forerunners. This little two-piece miracle consists of a control head unit with a remote spring tank that can be mounted anywhere on or under your pedal board. Available with the 9VDC Power Output Jack Option, just like it’s big brothers. All in all, an indispensable addition to any pro’s pedal arsenal. The Sole-Mate Jr. is hand assembled and wired, built to the high quality standards that people expect from VanAmps and features the “Tru-Out” impedance matched non-loading circuitry which ensures guitar tone integrity. Hard wired buffer free bypass too! The Sole-Mate Jr. employs a bipolar fully regulated power supply for increased headroom and low noise operation.