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Reverbamate-true analog spring reverb pedal

Are you one of those who wish their vintage amp had reverb that would do justice to its tone? One of those who pass on less expensive vintage amps just because it was a non-reverb model? Start playing more inspired blues, jazz or rock and roll with your non-reverb amp. You can with the Reverbamate by VanAmps.

The Reverbamate by VanAmps is the last word in reverb for your tone. Imagine a reverb so lush and detailed that you can’t distinguish it from the sound of a vintage tube reverb amp and in some cases far exceeds the standard we have all come to respect. What makes this reverb so different? Let’s start with engineering.

Most amplifiers manufactured now days, including some tube amps, use solid state circuits poorly designed for the application, with little regard to the spring tank's physical and electrical requirements. At VanAmps we have solved these issues and designed a reverb that will satisfy the most demanding of tone hounds using our patent pending circuitry along with quality components and hardware.

The Reverbamate has two outputs, a direct output and a reverb output. This allows for the utmost in flexibility. Utilizing both channels on a vintage or modern amp, the musician can separately adjust for the exact reverb requirement for their particular taste by using the tone and volume controls of the amp. In this way, your amp acts as a mixer, allowing you to adjust the sound in much the same way as in a studio or concert setup. Use the amp to “mix” in the right amount of reverb and direct guitar sound you want. This coupled with the output level and dwell controls on the Reverbamate make for some mighty tasty reverb effects. The Reverbamate works great with two input amps too! Here you would use the onboard controls on the Reverbamate and adjust the overall sound with the amp controls(volume, treble bass etc.) to fine your tone. There is even an auxiliary switch so you can switch your tremolo right there with your reverb. The Reverbamate features Accutronics® spring units, undeniably the best there is!

Built to last using stainless steel hardware and covered in quality Tolex® coverings in vintage brown, black, cream and also available in tweed. Custom coverings also available by special order.

The Reverbamate runs on two 9-volt batteries or with the included AC adaptor.

Get the most from your old tweed, brown, and blackface amps or any amp with two inputs or two descrete channels
with the Reverbamate from VanAmps!

Full 1-year limited warranty.