Van's Amps


Love the Sole-Mate. It's subtle, warm and and organic. Doesn't get wierd with other effects. Replaced a Holy Grail, which was too strong and sterile. I've only gigged the SM once since receiving it. I will post a review on Harmony Central after more gigs.

When I decided to replace the HG, I first cruised forums for candidates. Narrowed to Dr. Scientist Reverberator and the SM. I then checked Harmony Central. So many reviews are posted by kids or manufacturers' reps. If I don't see a genuine review, I only pay attention to the negative reviews.

I A/B'd then this with a DrS through Youtube. The Sole-Mate video had more playing, less talking and varied styles. Dr.S=digital. SMt=revb tank. SMt +2. SMt big -1.

Because I'm so happy with the pedal, I'm glad to tell you how I decided to buy it, and my personal info. I'm 45, a lawyer, playing 10 years, blues and bluesy rock, 50 small and medium club gigs a year, own 40 guitars, 15 amps, 20 pedals, spend 8K/yr on gear.